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VVIP Protection and Escort Services

Scan - Detect - Neutralise

Securing you, whiles you do what you do best.

We provide Protection and Escort service for high profile personalities such as politicians, senior public servants, business executives, foreign delegates, tourists, celebrities and sensitive private properties.

The VVIP Protection and Escort Service requires an excellent planning ability. Hence, one needs to have a good understanding of route planning, escape and evasion planning, and task planning. In order to plot a route for a specific visit they must have the skills to carry out reconnaissance and plan every detail to ensure the utmost safety of all parties involved.

If you hold a position of power and influence you could find yourself tackling with persistent, unwanted attention. With over 5 years experience and proven record in the field. Escort Security is your best bet. You can sleep easier tonight knowing that your security and privacy concerns are in our reputable hands.

You Deserve the Best Security

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