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Provision of flawless, critical, and excellent Secrity Products and Service delivery to Organisations and Individuals
  • 24hr Police Patrol Back-Up
    We have a good relationship with the Ghana police services at all locations that we have contracts. The police serve as a back in case of emergency. Our patrol team supervisors coordinate with the police patrol to respond to any unusual occurrence. The Ghana Police swat team monitors all radio communications through Escort security gota platform.
  • Short Events Security Provision
    We offer a full range of security services including securing assets and lives by way of car park duties, crowd control etc. to ensure your events goes off without a hitch. We offer services for seminars, weddings, street carnivals, parties, church services, pore bearing etc.
  • V.V.I.P Transport Services
    Provide professional transportation services. Our vehicles come with trained professional security officer as driver and another trained security officer as body guard. Our security officers are also trained on defensive driving by the MTTU police division. On some occasion, we are able to get on board the police motor dispatch to assist with the transport services.
  • CCTV Installation and Monitoring
    Escort Security Services is capable of installing and putting all cameras on a single platform in a control room that is capable of monitoring events across relevant locations. The CCTV system is manned by operation officers who have been well trained. We are also capable of installing panic alarm systems, facial recognition software, museum searches and intruder alarm systems.
  • 24hr Stand-By Response Patrol Team
    Escort deliver back-up Police patrol services ensuring prevention of security breaches through technology based security, patrolling and real-time surveillance.We have in place a powerful, 24-hour mobile Rapid Response force that will monitor and deal with any emergencies and uncompromising situation on the ground. This team shall be ready at all times to respond to panic and other alarm triggers, all emergencies, serve as liaison (when necessary) with local inhabitants as first contact persons. This team will have a dedicated means of transport and will be headed by the Security Commander.
  • And will have direct contact with the Ghana Police and Fire Departments and will be in a position to effectively deal with any problem that may arise during operations.
    The Team shall;
    • Pay unannounced Supervising visits to all Patrollers during their tours.
    • Conduct on the job training
    • Perform regular checks on the route independent of what the patrollers would be doing.
    • Coordinate all activities of the Patrol teams in their sectors.
  • 24hr Manned Security Officers
    Our Manned Security Service involves observation, patrolling, monitoring, tracking, reporting etc. We provide direct quality and competitive safety and security services through Security Guarding and Security Consultancy.
    ESSL shall adopt the following strategies in the provision and deployment of Man guards:
    • Aggressive and visible patrols within sites and relevant environs. This shall be foot surveillance on 24hr basis.
    • A rapid response team shall be deployed round the clock for emergencies and also serve as checks on the static teams.
    • A dedicated guard team shall be assigned for the protection of all security points
    • A relief system shall be put in place to cater for absenteeism due to sickness, leave and other unforeseen circumstances.
    • A supervisor shall be on duty at all times.
    • Management of ESSL shall on a regular basis visit the various duties posts and inspect guard performance and have constant communication withthem.
    • Guards have also been trained on customer service.
  • V.V.I.P Body-Guard services
    Protection and safety for high profile personalities such as politicians, senior public servants, business executives, foreign delegates/guests, tourists, celebrities, sensitive private properties and residence of high profile personalities.
  • Pall Bearing
    Escort Security takes that load off your shoulder during the time of bereavement. Escort Security is capable of carrying that burden to ensure that a befitting burial is given to the bereaved. ESS provides you with smartly dressed and well trained Security Officers for your Pall Bearing services right from the mortuary, residence, church service and burial site.
  • Brass Band Services
    Escort Security services is introducing their Brass Services, we provide a melodious ambience of music for your weddings, funerals, parties and other ceremonial events. We provide well-dressed security officers and fully equipped instruments.

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  • IP Camera Surveillance System monitoring devices
  • Access Control Systems
  • Access Security Services Control System is a fingerprint based system
  • Control Room which will act as the Command and Control Center with trained Officials
  • CCTV Monitoring` Systems
  • Electronic Security Services
  • Electric Wire Fencing
  • Home and Office Alarms and Panic systems
  • K9 Service


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